Meisterworks turns information into knowledge

Our clients rely on us to support their plans, ideas and initiatives with data-driven insights that speak directly to the questions and challenges involved. We contribute the reliability of our comprehensive portfolio of time-proven methods and the effectiveness of our customised data and technology solutions to our clients’ strengths.

Together, we develop products, perfect marketing plans, tweak brand performance, find competitive advantage and optimise customer interfaces.

We apply our methods to support clients in most areas of business and industry. Often, the most dynamic markets attract our most exciting work:


Clients from the healthcare & life sciences industries place importance on answering questions that affect time-to-market, benefits communication and product propagation.

  • Many major conditions now see the emergence of multiple approaches to treatment
  • Less prominent conditions enjoy the benefits of innovative, efficient methods for scientific progress

The team at Meisterworks has been privileged to support pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, device manufacturers and service providers through its traditional (TDI’s, F2F, CATI, Focus Groups) and innovative methodologies (Hybrid, Ethnographic, Big Data, Bespoke).

Consumer empowerment comes with ubiquitous cues about needs, assessments of solutions, messages about standards of choice and criteria for their loyalty.

  • Consumers’ interactions with brands and products are undergoing an evolution in terms of communication, positioning, liquidity, interactivity and affinity
  • The balance of control over brand perception, product evaluation, and channel selection has shifted towards the consumer
  • Defining how brands exchange value with consumers has become a prerequisite for success

Meisterworks has been thrilled to seek out and interpret consumer feedback for clients in FMCG, Consumer Technology and Finance through its traditional (Qualitative and Quantitative) and innovative methodologies (Ethnographic, Bespoke).

The tools, methods and processes brands use to interact with their customers are changing.

  • Oftentimes, those consumer interfaces are the determining element for customer choice
  • Success often requires dogged attention to getting every detail right

The team at Meisterworks have successfully combined tried-and-tested methods with innovative, practical approaches to enable intimate consumer feedback during development and optimisation of consumer interfaces on the web, in print and in-store.

  • At the level of detail required, passing on insights to clients’ design and web agencies accurately is of critical importance
  • To ensure loss-less knowledge transfer, we provide clients with detailed, live examples of consumer interfaces developed by our highly skilled design & development team in intimate interaction with our consumer insights
  • This means superior knowledge transfer: internal and agency design & development experts can experience the consumer-optimised interfaces we develop - in addition to drawing on our written insights and personal debriefings

Clients in the automotive industries respond with increasing precision and competence to the needs of its diverse customer base.

  • Greater choice for consumers means that the degree with which features, styles, designs and technologies meet consumers’ needs are increasingly important
  • More than ever before, automotive brands are challenged to optimise their products to capture specific customer segments, and to align their marketing and sales processes to the changing demands of consumer markets

The team at Meisterworks is honoured to have supported product launches, redesigns, positioning and re- positioning, features development and ideation as well as marketing planning and channel strategy development for brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Fiat Chrysler by contributing its expertise for clinics, early buyer research, channel effectiveness studies and many more.

Evidence-based decision making is increasingly considered the standard amongst commercial enterprises and public bodies alike.

  • Collecting the information that forms the basis for this evidence in a manner that produces efficient, useable datasets with minimal operational impact is often crucial to compliance and data quality

Meisterworks designs, develops and operates custom data collection interfaces for use by groups of subsidiaries, partners and customers that are easy to use and efficient to operate.

Past solutions have included the development of novel ways to make participation as light on participants’ efforts as possible, thereby maximising compliance and data quality for some of the world’s largest organisations and amongst those the prestigious National Health Service.

Our project portfolio demonstrates this

The following examples of past and present work illustrate our ability to apply tried and tested methods to clients’ business challenges and think outside the box when its needed.


Our methods are time-proven and efficient

Our portfolio of time-proven methods has been carefully selected to provide our clients with efficient tools suitable for all stages of their product or service lifecycles.

We go anywhere our clients need us

Being ‘on the ground’ globally allows us to put decades of experience gathered across the world’s cultural spheres towards our clients’ objectives, wherever it may take us.

Insights that come directly from the source

Unrivalled access to many potential target groups, a mix of traditional and innovative methods for recruiting and vetting research participants and our track record of productive, unbiased information gathering enable us to provide results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We regularly recruit, amongst others, the following types of individuals for our clients’ research:

We help our clients navigate markets one at a time

Our experience gives us the ability to apply our methods to a broad spectrum of markets and industries with the confidence afforded only by routine.

We are proud to have contributed to the success of brands operating in numerous environments; some of which are shown below to illustrate the breadth of applications for what we do:

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